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The Oath

I’ve decided to outdo any challenge set before.  My friends will think I’m crazy.  Probably, think I’ll fail.  But I won’t!  I hope.

This is me.


This is my Oath

From this great day, I swear by Almightly Westwood* that, I shall never enter Topshop again.  I will be unfaithful to Vogue’s ‘Dash Before Cash’, I will cut up all store cards and remove from my internet favourites.  I shall truely and sincercly declare, in my conscience before Chanel and the world, That I am fashion self-sufficient

Henceforth, the clothes I need for the rest of my days**, shall be made by my own fair hands.  No more beautiful purchases will be made in clothes shops, market stalls, or on-line outlets***.  I shall instead take pencil to paper, then needle to thread.

So help me Tim, I mean Vivienne, I mean God…

*Vivienne, not Tim, yo.

**actually just a year, and that is still a long time

*** BUT I am allowed to look, I can’t go complete cold turkey

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  1. November 20, 2009 4:56 pm

    Your sis put me touch.

    We’re doing a feature about tips to save/make money from young women and would love one from you – We’d just need a paragraph or two aboput how you’re saving money and how you’d advise ourreaders and and pic – is this poss? We can do it over phone if easier for you. I’d need it by Monday if possible.

    Thanks so much,


    Lena de Casparis
    Acting Features Assistant
    Company Magazine
    72 Broadwick Street
    London W1F 9EP
    0207 312 3886


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