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What a waster – trash fash

February 9, 2011

Tonight, after spending too long on facebook (Why do I bother? It HOOVERS up the minutes and Bam! Half an hour vanished before my eyes), I took salvage in one of my favourite on-line mags, Amelia’s Magazine.  I was promptly reminded of the Trash Fashion exhibition I’d stumbled across at the Science Museum on New Year’s Eve (an interesting and unexpected treat), and the resolution I made after 5 terrifying minutes learning how much waste and pollution the fashion world causes.

Things I’d never considered before – water contamination from fabric dye; apparently 20% of our water pollution comes from this.

ALL the wastage from off-cuts, which end up in landfills, tragically untouched.  The pile I keep from making clothes occupies most of a suitcase and a drawer – I can’t imagine the whole world’s!

But, what that really shocked me was learning that we, as a nation, spend a 3rd MORE on clothes now than we did a mere 10 years ago (I’m blaming YOU, Primark!  Kitting myself out for the summer there is cheaper than my weekly food bill).  But then I think of my wardrobe (okay, my 2 wardrobes) and I understand – of course this is true.  I am guilty.  And I remember deciding as I walked away from the exhibition, that if I make one resolution for 2011 – it will be to make sure that every time I break the Oath, I chose quality clothes over quantity.  After all, an ethically well-made shirt (or homemade!*) will last over a decade.

*as long as it’s not homemade by my sister.  Sewing is not her forte.

Image from Scultures from cast-off clothes. Click through - they're brilliant.

And….. one of my new crushes is on a label called Liv.  I love them because I have their Pershore Top, which is so damn snug!  And also, because Liv only use organic materials and they are completely fair trade (plus they share their lovely name with one of my besties who is getting married in 17 DAYS!  Completely off point but I’m excited.  You can read all about her here!)

A pretty picture of the Pershore Top I've just mentioned, curtsy of the lovely Liv website.


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