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I’m love-sick

April 5, 2010

It has been over 7 weeks since my hands last caressed the soft fabrics of my wardrobe.

7 weeks since my shoes sparkled, like beautiful size 8 rays of light, up at me from my bedroom floor.

7 weeks since I left the house thinking I would be apart just one night from my dearly beloveds…  BUT a lot of days later (I’m too distressed to work out exactly how many) we have still not been reunited.

I miss you wardrobe!  My dad’s blue jumper makes me look like a tent.  My ‘retro’ kappa trousers don’t fit (thank the LORD).  And I’m sick of moping about in jimjams pining for my high-waisted jeans.

Like a foolish recovering-addict, I have tormented myself by daily drooling my way through the pages of asos, Topshop, my-wardrobe, Urban Outfitters, net-a-porter and basically any online outlet I can lay my hands on.  Oh, there are so many things I want.

But OF COURSE I’m not allowed to buy clothes!!  Why did I not put a clause in the oath, that were I to find myself with a fractured spine, I would be able to break all rules, run free and wild into the arms of net-a-porter and buy something really expensive and designer and pretty because GODAMMIT I deserve new clothes!

And, quite frankly, right now, I need them.

I’m currently surviving on the ‘time capsule’ wardrobe of 3 pyjama bottoms, 1 pair of grey sweat pants, my beloved black jeans I wore that fateful night, some Disney shorts.  I’ve a few vest tops I found in my old room that are fairly on-trend without meaning to be (mid-drifts are back, apparently).

All those times I battled with my wardrobe, convinced it had nothing new or exciting to offer me.  Oh how now I wish I had appreciated it, for what it as.  I want it back!  I’ll never complain again, I promise!

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  1. April 6, 2010 3:21 pm

    You’ll be reunited soon! Don’t worry! And we’ll buy you beautiful things for your birthday! 🙂 Love you xxx

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