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Lazy Sunday

September 20, 2009

Today I decided to torture myself by going to the Sunday Up Market.  So many clothes.

That I couldn’t buy.  The pain!

Actually, it wasn’t that bad…  and I’m still allowed to buy jewellery and shoes, right?  I saw this gorgeous cape.

CapeInspiration!  It could be one of my easiest projects so far, and my sister has a blanket that looks pretty similar.  I’m sure she wouldn’t notice?

Alas I must not get distracted by other sewing adventures and focus on making the Lily Dress.  People keep asking how it’s coming along.  I have got as far as drawing up half a pattern.  It’s been weeks.  The anticipation.  So, I’ve set myself a DEADLINE.  It makes me feel a little ill, but to save myself from the washer-woman I am of late, I have make myself something else to wear.

I’m going to finish the Lily Dress by the end of September!

Crazy as this is just over a week away, but I can do it.  I’ve got free evenings!  I’m going to be in sew city.

Anyway, back to Brick Lane.

Emma Ferguson has the most beautiful stall at the Up Market, and fate bought me to one of her domino broaches.  Perfect for the Lily Dress, don’t you think?  Yeeeees, I’m making progress already!

badge domino

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  1. September 23, 2009 9:13 am

    Hmm….the broach is cool though! 🙂 xxx

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