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Sew Forth

August 18, 2009

I’ve decided to outdo any challenge set before.  My friends will think I’m crazy.  Probably, think I’ll fail.  But I won’t!  I hope.

My Oath

From this great day, I swear by Almightly Westwood* that, I shall never enter Topshop again.  I will be unfaithful to Vogue’s ‘Dash Before Cash’, I will cut up all store cards and remove from my internet favourites.  I shall truely and sincercly declare, in my conscience before Chanel and the world, that I am fashion self-sufficient.

Henceforth, the clothes I need for the rest of my days**, shall be made by my own fair hands.  No more beautiful purchases will be made in clothes shops, market stalls, or on-line outlets***.  I shall instead take pencil to paper, then needle to thread. 

So help me Tim, I mean Vivienne, I mean God…


*Vivienne, not Tim, yo.

**actually just a year, and that is still a long time

*** BUT I am allowed to look, I can’t go complete cold turkey



I’m a little bit obsessed with the 1940’s and love finding home-made dresses lurking in the back room of ‘Pets in Need of Vets’,  my local charity shop .  My mum made all her clothes in 1970’s (mainly because shops wouldn’t stock what she needed to fuel her outrageous style – apparently a man once hollered at her ‘CHICKEN!’, from the other side of the road.  This was in reference to the orange smock, poka dot gloves and yellow tights mum was wearing at the time).  My nan made her evening dresses.  We still have some, stored away in our loft, and they are so pretty.  These women didn’t have Primark.  They learned to sew from their mothers, friends, books, and they did it well (exception to the chicken outfit).

I remember aged 8 and making a stuffed snowman for my sisters stocking.  Planting a wonky stitch into the felt, I declared to the living room that when I grew up I would be a toy maker.

Obviously that didn’t happen.  And thankfully I didn’t become the lorry driver I also wanted to be, but I have always loved sewing.  Silky fabrics, ribbons, bright-coloured buttons.  After studying English at university, I left hungover and poor, and unqualified to do anything apart from quote Keats.  Needing food and cigarettes forced me into the office job I vowed I’d never have, and so to ease the monotony of my sleep-work-pub routine, I made it my mission to go forth and sew.


My nan and mum in their own labels


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  1. August 20, 2009 9:26 am

    Go for it! Be sure to put up every dress/skirt/trouser etc etc and if you make any extras – be sure to get an Etsy account! There are lots of other bloggers out there who stitch who are very supportive and interested in other people’s work. Have a look on my blog and my favourites – Attic24 does crochet but you might be interested to see how she blogs about it and there are countless others – you can also look on Etsy and see what you like there and then see if they have a blog too…good to get talking to others to encourage support and acquire ideas and inspiration! xxx

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